Stainless Steel (DIN-X5CrNiL8 9|AISI 304|JIS-SUS304 )  
Bronze ( CuSnPb )
Solid Lubricant ( MoS2 + Graphite )

Self-lubricating bimetallic bearings(stainless steel/CuSnPb), made of stainless steel as base material, are produced by the process of being sintered lead bronze CuSnPb powder which distributed solid lubrication as layer. They are widely used in the applications of automotive, truck, hydraulic transmission and engineering machinery due to the advantages of low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating, good corrosion resistance and good load capacity.





oil lubricated


grease lubricated

 very good

water lubricated


process fluid lubricated



Physical and Mechanical Properties

max. operating temperature


min. operating temperature


max. static load Psta,max

 320 N/mm

max. dynamic load Pdyn,max

 150 N/mm

max. sliding speed

 1.0 m/s

max.PV factor

 0.5-2.0 N/mm2·m/s

coefficient of friction f




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